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Exit in Mega Man X3.

Escape (エスケープ Esukēpu?), also known as Exit (イグジット Igujitto?), is a option from the Mega Man games that in most appearances allows the user to leave the current stage if the boss was already defeated. It first appeared in Mega Man X as an Escape Unit (エスケープ・ユニット?) available from the beginning. In some games it is an item that must be obtained to be used.


  • In the first Mega Man Zero, Cerveau asks Ciel to give an Escape Unit to Zero after Aztec Falcon's defeat. This allows him to abort the current mission and return to the Resistance Base, but the mission will be considered a failure if he evacuates. It can't be used in missions that result in a game over if it fails.
    • In Mega Man Zero 2-4, it is available from the beginning and acts like its previous appearances, allowing Zero to leave a stage he had completed.

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