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Eregion (イレギオン Iregion?)[1] is the boss of the Opening Stage in Mega Man X4. In the first half (Sky Lagoon), the player must outrun him to avoid its claws and shots, and must also destroy the locked doors to get away. In the second part (the city ruins), the player must fight him.

It is possible to "defeat" Eregion in the first area of the Sky Lagoon. By attacking its claw when it slams the ground (dash to left or right when it raises its hand, and attack), the player can damage and eventually reduce Eregion's health to zero. However, this won't change anything, as Eregion will simply escape (while covered in small explosions) and appear again as a real boss in the second area of the stage, without any difference at all in the fight should the player choose to escape from it before.

In the boss battle, X should use charge shots, and Zero should keep wailing on him with his Z-Saber. Just watch for his body attacks (when he flies), his claw swipes, and his laser "breath". After the defeat of Eregion, the player will encounter Colonel for the first time and learn of Repliforce's declaring war for independence.

Other media

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

In Worlds Unite, Eregion is one of the Mechaniloids in Sigma's army that he recreated and placed under the command of the Deadly Six.

Rockman X

Eregion appears in the Rockman X4 manga.



  • The name "Eregion" is not to be pronounced as "region"; the g should sound exactly as the g in the word get.
  • Eregion is part of J. R. R. Tolkien fiction, as it was a kingdom of the Noldorin Elves in Eriador.
    • Ironically, years later, a very similar name to Eregion is used in the popular book series "Eragon", which coincidentally also features dragons.


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