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Mega Man takes flight to stop Dr. Wily's hypnotic music.

Cold Steel is an episode from the Mega Man animated series. The episode was written by Michael Maurer and Matt Uitz.


At a science expo, Mega Man and Roll meet Mary, a deaf girl with an acute sense for feeling sound vibrations. She makes such an impression on them, that Roll offers the girl and her mom to join them at a concert later that day. Then, everything goes wrong. At the show, all of the attendees begin to file out like zombies. This is really the work of Dr. Wily, who has created music that can hypnotize humans into doing his bidding.

Meanwhile, Roll wants Dr. Light to listen to a song from the band at the concert on CD and switches his classical CD with that of the band Cold Steel. Little did Roll know that it was really Cold Steel's music that was hypnotizing all of the people, and now Dr. Light was also hypnotized. The only human not affected by the trance music was the little deaf girl, and she helps Mega Man and Roll.

Robot Master appearances: Gyro Man, Gemini Man, Spark Man, Cut Man, Guts Man



Cold Steel

  • Rumors still persist to this day that singer Mark McGrath (Sugar Ray's lead singer) supplied a voice for one of Dr. Wily's Robot Masters (Spark Man) in this episode. This would make sense, because Sugar Ray had a song featured on the Mega Man soundtrack album.
    • Also, there is a rumor that a member (or maybe multiple members) of the rock group Mr. Big may have supplied a voice (or voices) of another character.[Citation needed]
    • This is also due to each of the three exclusive Robot Masters having seemingly different voices thoroughout the episode. For instance, Gyro Man is normally played by Garry Chalk, but when he is in his rocker disguise, his voice changes to Jim Byrnes (also a musician) as he sounded on the television series "Wiseguy".[Citation needed]  Gemini Man is voiced by Tony Sampson towards the start of the episode, and Garry Chalk plays Spark Man towards the end.
  • This episode's plot is very similar to the episode "Cold Slither" from the G.I. Joe animated series.
  • Mary's mother is voiced by Louise Vallance.
  • Mega Man uses both Gyro Man and Spark Man's weapons after copying them. In the games, this is impossible, as he can only equip one Robot Master Weapon at a time.


Dr. Wily: "It's all those robots fault! Why? Why am I surrounded by fools?"
Dr. Light: "Maybe because that's all you know how to build, Dr. Wily."

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