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Ice Man in charge of his Ice Bots

Ice Age is an episode of the Mega Man animated series. The episode was written by Jeffrey Scott.


Dr. Wily steals a super freeze technology from the Zero Refrigeration Company to create a giant glacier and freeze cities. His plan is to force the leaders of various cities out of power and replace them with his own robots. And, as if Mega Man and Roll don't already have enough on their hands, they have to deal with three slacker punk kids with major attitudes.

However, things aren't too cozy on the Wily front either when Ice Man gets the impression that he is being pushed out of the way in favor of Air Man, and when Doctor Light tricks him into believing he is being replaced, he plans a revenge attack against Wily using his own special "Ice Bots".

Robot Master appearances: Ice Man, Air Man



Guts Man and Cut Man standing next to the drastically altered Air Man.

  • With Ice Man making his second appearance (1st time was in "The Beginning"), he was the first Robot Master besides Cut Man and Guts Man to appear in more than one episode.
  • Air Man's appearance was drastically altered from his video game counterpart. In the games, Air Man's armor is dark blue and yellow, and his torso consists of his eyes and a big fan in his chest. In this show, he has a head with glowing red eyes and his armor color was changed to sky blue.
  • There were many guest voices in this episode
    • Kathleen Barr as Bobby
    • Marcus Turner as Ramon
    • Louise Valance as Janet
    • Shirley Milliner as Ms. Pendergast and the High School Principal
  • When Wily and his robots are going out of the airplane in the North Pole, Guts Man disappears for a brief moment.
  • Wily's brown winter coat appears white in one scene, and in the next scene his tie and lab coat are miscolored.
  • This is the first and only appearance of Air Man.


Mega Man: "This isn't some video game you're playing!"

Roll: "I'm a big fan of yours, Air Man!" (Blows fan at him)
Air Man: "And I'm an even bigger fan of yours!" (blows her away with the fan on his chest)

Mr. Zero: "You're m-m-mad!"
Dr. Wily: "No, I'm ha-ha-happy!"

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