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Mega Man and Rush almost getting sucked up by Dust Man

Incredible Shrinking Mega Man is an episode from the Mega Man animated series. The episode was written by Gary Greenfield.


Dr. Wily sends his robots to steal some rare and powerful gems that - if used as a weapon - can actually shrink objects, no matter how big. When Mega Man tries to stop the museum robbery, he finds himself and Rush to be the first targets of this weapon and get shrunk.
It is later discovered that Dr. Wily will use the new shrinking weapon to shrink entire cities and sell them to criminals.
Dr. Light sends Roll to find Mega Man and Rush and help them prevent this deal from going down.

Robot Master Appearances: Dust Man



The Battontons


A microscopic Mega Man and Rush try to use the shrink ray to their advantage

  • The Battontons make an appearance in this episode.
  • This episode marks the first time that Dust Man has ever used his arm cannon. He never fires it in any of the games, even though he's always drawn with one.
  • Dust Man's head is miscolored blue in the part he attacks Mega Man inside the car after seeing him.


Mega Man: "Blast chance but heads, giving up you blast to junk yard city!".
Gust Man: "Blast this Mega Man! WAHHAHAHA, what's you say Mega Mouse?". (Gust Man using shrink ray with red gemstone target shoot the Mega Man and Rush to small size)
Mega Man: "Be cool Roll, don't loose your head!" (He picks up Roll's loose head).
Cut Man: "Open it nice and I can give them haircuts. From the neck up!"
Mega Man: "Looks like you've got everything but the kitchen sink!"

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