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Mega Man gets injured during an earthquake

The Big Shake is the third episode of the Mega Man animated series.


A massive earthquake hits New York and Mega Man is caught in it. While he tries to rescue innocent people from getting hurt, he spots Guts Man and Cut Man nearby. Mega Man deals with the two quickly, but without noticing, they placed a tracker on Mega Man.

As it turns out, the earthquake was caused by Dr. Wily, using a machine capable of creating quakes at will. And with the help of the tracking device placed on Mega Man, Wily is one step ahead of him and plans on having the next quake hit Dr. Light's laboratory.

Robot Master Appearances: Drill Man, Stone Man



Dr. Wily's underground vehicle

  • This is one of the few times (if not the only time) where Mega Man is seen sporting visible battle damage, which happened shortly after the quake hits Dr. Light's lab.

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