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Future Beware (未来が危ない Mirai ga Abunai?) is the third and last of the three episodes from the anime Mega Man: Upon a Star.


Mega Man is trying to save the day in the game world again when he and Roll get pulled out by Yuuta and Akane to see a big Japanese festival. Mega Man and Roll join the kids in the festival by participating in activities such as being in a parade, playing some games (they play whack-a-mole/Mogura Wo) and watching a fireworks display. But one particular explosion at the end of said fireworks transforms into the face of Dr. Wily!

Dr. Light repairs the time machine and Mega Man and Roll use it to jump ahead one year in time only to discover that Wily has conquered Japan and raised the entire city of Tokyo high above the surface. Mega and Roll jump back to the past and decide to travel one month at a time (seeing the Otsukimi and a school athletic meet), discovering that a typhoon is responsible for this. But, this is not an ordinary typhoon... this is the work of Dr. Wily and his new Typhoon Robot! Can Mega Man and Proto Man save the city from certain doom?


  1. Roll is more headstrong in this episode and wants to help her brother in battle (just like her taller American counterpart).
  2. Proto Man refers to Mega Man as "Little Brother."
  3. Dr. Wily's vehicle is referred to as "The Skullker" and is similar to the Wily Machine 1.
  4. When Mega Man prepares his Mega Buster when he goes against the typhoon, his movement in the animation is matched frame for frame with the animation used in the American show after Mega Man copies a robot's weapon. Here are the main movements in the animation: Mega's left arm held in front of him, looking at it, he throws his arm behind his head, he aims the buster straight at the "camera".
  • The only non-Mega Man 5 Robot Master in the mini-series (Elec Man) appears shortly in this episode.
  • When Wily's face appears at the end of the Matsuri, his laugh sounds almost exactly like his American counterpart's in the Ruby-Spears cartoon.
  • Mega Man's use of the time machine has caused a few time paradox's to occur. For example, when the typhoon appears at the athletic competition, Mega Man goes to Dr. Light who manages to create a fan for Mega Man to use. Mega Man then uses the time machine to go back in time to before the typhoon arrived and stopped it. This would've prevented present Mega Man (who in theory is still at the athletic competition) from grabbing Yuuta's fan and having it modified by Dr. Light, which would in turn cause future Mega Man and Roll (the ones that stopped the typhoon) to disappear, and present Mega Man would have never received the fan.
  • The Typhoon Robot looks similar to Air Man.
  • The scene where Mega and Roll play games at the Japanese festival is used in some Touhou parodies (ie. having them play whack-a-mole to the tune of "Kobito of the Shining Needle ~ Little Princess").

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