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Wish Upon a Star (星に願いを Hoshi ni Negai wo) is the second of the three episodes from the anime Mega Man: Upon a Star.


On New Year's Eve, Akane is calling her brother Yuuta to go downstairs and celebrate with rice cakes, but he is in the last stage of a Mega Man game and gives trouble to go downstairs. The two argue and accidentally hit the console. Mega Man gets pulled out into the real world again, so he gets to celebrate New Year's with the Kobayashi family, while Dr. Wily ends up at Dr. Light's lab, where he steals Dr. Light's newest creation, a time machine, and kidnaps Roll when she tries to stop him.

Dr. Light creates a device to follow Wily through the time vortex. While Mega Man rescues Roll, Wily escapes. It is revealed that Wily plans on showering Japan with meteorites on the Tanabata, a day when the citizens traditionally make wishes upon stars. If Dr. Wily wins, he'll make the stars crash down on everyone! Can Mega Man stop Wily in time?


  • The Japanese holidays in this episode are New Year's Eve (31 December - 1 January), Setsubun (3 February), Hinamatsuri/Girls' Day (3 March), Children's Day/Boys' Day (5 May) and Tanabata (7 July).
  • In the original Japanese episode, Dr. Wily and Mega Man frequently curse. However, the foul language was not included in the English dubbing of the episode, with the curses being replaced with words like, "Drat!" and "No!"
  • When Rush goes to space, he did not need any upgrades like the Rush Space from Mega Man V, as the Rush Jet was able to travel in space.
  • Near the start of the episode, the title has the original Rockman logo instead of Megaman.