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Mega Man gets attacked by appliances

Electric Nightmare is the second episode of the Mega Man animated series.



Mega Man almost gets fried by acid in the bathroom

Dr. Wily has created a device that enables him to control all electronic machines and sends his robots to plant it in a city-wide power grid. Then, the madness begins. And as if that wasn't bad enough for Mega Man, Roll is still urging him to let her be his tag team partner, Rush malfunctions and there is a traitor lurking in Dr. Light's lab...

Robot Master Appearances: Bright Man, Pharaoh Man, Cut Man, Guts Man.



Roll gets into a fight with the corrupted cosmetic bot

  • The electronics store "Gizmo City" may be a reference to the defunct electronics retailer chain Circuit City.
  • The line used by the crooked RoboMaid Doris ("Hasta la vista, Mega Man!"), is probably a reference to a similar line from the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Also, Dr. Wily's last line in the episode ("I'll be back!") was used in all movies of the Terminator series.
    • Doris and the Robobeautician are both voiced by Cathy Weseluck
  • Megaman's "Now I've got your power," and Dr. Light's "Mystery of the Bathroom Door" lines have since become popular YouTube memes.


Mega Man: "The only thing that could give me cavities is dynamite!"

Dr. Light: "Now why would anyone bar the outside of the bathroom door?" (long pause) "Oh no!"

Mega Man: "Sorry to disappoint you, Robo Bro. Did I win or lose?"
Bright Man: "You were destroyed by me!"
Mega Man: "Really? Well, in that case, allow me to return the favor."

Mega Man: (Taking Pharaoh Man's power) "Now I've got your power!"
(Pharaoh Man punches Mega Man in the face, sending him flying)

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