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"Once I put all toys under my spell, I'll be able to commit the crime of the century!"
—Dr. Wily

Crime of the Century is the twenty-seventh episode from the Mega Man animated series. The episode was written by Craig Ruby.

Despite high ratings, the show was cancelled due to disappointing toy sales, this being a special episode done in 1996 after season 2 as the series finale.[1] While re-runs continued for a year after the show's cancellation, no new episodes were produced.


Dr. Wily's robots are sent out to create a new army of followers: toys. By using Wily's new invention, a small dart is placed on innocent-looking toys and scramble their electronic coding, making them obey to any of his commands. With Dr. Wily's reprogramming, they start a crime spree, and he plans on ultimately using these toys to steal a large black pearl. The only problem is that the mayor assigned Mega Man, alongside Dr. Light, Roll, and Rush, to personally protect the black pearl during its secret transportation from New York City to Coopersville, where it will be safe. Despite this, Wily uses a cowboy toy as a spy to discover about the transportation, and sends his robots and some toys after the train with the black pearl. Now, the heroes have to protect the pearl and find out how to stop these toys.

Robot Master Appearances: Bomb Man



  • The mayor is not the same mayor who was featured in the earlier episodes.
  • The animation style of this episode is different than that of the preceding episodes.
  • The theme of the episode may be criticism at the show's reason of cancellation, as the cartoon was cut due to low toy sales, and this episode's plot involving toys being used to steal valuable objects and money, much like one may interpret that Bandai's toys "stole" Ruby-Spears' budget for the show.


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