Episode 21: Night of The Living Monster Bots

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Dr. Wily's Mummybot

Night of The Living Monster Bots is the 21st episode from the Ruby Spears' Mega Man cartoon.


In an old, English town, a delivery truck driver is scared out of his wits when a mummy comes to life in the back of his truck. But, this is no ordinary mummy... it's a MummyBot! Mega Man and company happen to be in town to investigate this and run across a famous movie actress who is here to have an interview with the director of her latest movie. Little does she know that the director is really Dr. Wily. His plan is to document the destruction that his new scary robots are creating and turn it into a movie to terrorize people. Things get even worse when the Hollywood actress transforms into a vampire and Dr. Light becomes a werewolf!
All of this is leading to the unvealing of Dr. Wily's biggest robot yet...


Dr. Light is transformed into a werewolf

Robot Master Appearances: Besides the usual suspects, none


Dr. Wily and Cut Man film a scene

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