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Dr. Wily's Robo-Spider terrorizes the city, draining its power supply

Robo-Spider is an episode from Ruby-Spears' Mega Man animated series. The episode was written by Michael Maurer.


Dr. Light has developed a super defense computer meant to fight off Dr. Wily's forces away from important targets. But, Dr. Wily creates something to counteract Dr. Light's computer: a giant mechanical spider tank.

This "Robo-Spider" can shoot electronic webbing that sucks electricity out of power grids and adds it all to its own power source. If the Robo-Spider reaches full strength, it can destroy Dr. Light's supercomputer. Mega Man, Roll and Rush find themselves on the run from the Robo-Spider while Dr. Light tries to find a way to stop this thing from causing a nationwide blackout and destroying the supercomputer.

Robot Master appearances: Bright Man, Quick Man



Star Wars robots.

  • In the Robot Museum scene, right before the camera cuts to a close up of the statues of Mega Man, Roll and Rush, there are two blue robot statues standing next to each other. The one on the left looks similar to R2-D2 from Star Wars. This is hard to tell, but the center blue robot may be a C-3PO much like the R2-D2 reference.

Mega Man obtaining Robo-Spider's web.

  • The "Enjoy Cola Cola" billboard that is seen early in the episode when Wily's Robo-Spider is attacking the city is an obvious reference to Coca-Cola.


  • Proto Man: "Awww! A boy and his dog, how touching! I could cry... if I were programmed that way!"

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