Episode 16: Showdown At Red Gulch

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Proto Man, Drill Man, Cut Man and Guts Man (along with Snake Man) are all super-charged

Showdown At Red Gulch is the 16th episode of the Mega Man animated series. This episode was written by Michael O'Mahony.


Near the Wild Western-themed town of Red Gulch, Dr. Wily discovers a meteor with crystals that can apparently make normal robots super-powered robots! However, the crystals also have an unexpected side effect of overloading the circuits on the robots using them after a random period of time. This dangerous turn makes Mega Man's job easier... or does it?

Robot Master Appearances: Snake Man, Drill Man

Fun Facts


The Battontons are super-charged with the meteor fragments

  • The face-off between Mega Man and Proto Man with Wily's Bots was a tip of the hat to the old spaghetti western movies. If you listen carefully to the beginning of that scene, Mega Man tries to sound like Clint Eastwood.
  • The meteorite in this episodes boasts surprising similarities to Force Metal from Mega Man X: Command Mission, in that they both came from space and super-powered robots at the cost of causing damage to them. It's unknown (and somewhat unlikely) that Capcom drew the idea of Force Metal from this episode.
  • The Battontons make an appearance in this episode.
  • The song played at the end credits is "She" by the band Smile .

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