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Dr. Light preps Mega Man for his flight

The Mega Man in the Moon is an episode from the Mega Man TV show. It originally aired in first-run syndication on 16 October 1994.


Dr. Wily and his robots hijack a space shuttle and plan on making a stop at a space station where a solar lens is being stored. If the lens is used for destructive purposes, it would be catastrophic. And that's exactly what Wily plans on using it for, should the world leaders not turn control over to him.

Mega Man jumps into action, but things get worse when he finds out that the daughter of the captured shuttle pilot is caught in the middle of this, there is a bomb on board the station, Rush gets space-sick and Mega himself gets blasted by Wily's deadly new weapon!

Robot Master appearances: Crystal Man



Mega Man and Tina on the Moon

  • There is an obvious reference to Star Trek in this episode. It is made by Crystal Man when he tells the guard bots that they are about to go "Where no bot has gone before". That is based on Captain Kirk's famous line in the opening credits of the original Star Trek: "To boldly go where no man has gone before".
  • And that's not the only famous pop culture reference in this episode. Almost immediately after the Star Trek reference, Guts Man says "Heeerrre's Guts Man!" That is a reference to Ed McMahon's famous intro to Johnny Carson ("Heeerrre's Johnny!") when Carson hosted The Tonight Show.


  • Proto Man: "Ten-Four, supreme Space Cadet, Sir!"
  • Mega Man: "Whoa! Good thing Dr. Light built me stronger than Humpty Dumpty!"
  • Roll: "Why didn't you tell me you get space-sick!"

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