Episode 11: The Strange Island of Doctor Wily

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Dr. Wily and massive Stonemen

On a stranded island, Dr. Wily hatches his latest plan, which involves making creatures made entirely of stone.
But, something goes wrong and the device he uses to control them goes haywire. Mega Man finds himself in the middle of this whole mess when he, Roll, Dr. Light and Rush investigate. The situation becomes so intense, Dr. Wily makes a truce with Mega Man to work together to get themselves off of the island before these rock creatures can get to them.
But, can Dr. Wily and his robots be trusted?... are things really what they appear to be?

Robot Master Appearances: Wood Man

Fun Facts


ProtoMan watches Mega Man with a grin, waiting to blast him to bits


The "Stonebots"

In some markets, this episode was the last episode to air during the first season. It is also the last episode featured on the Mega Man first season DVD set.

Best line...
Roll: "Keep your eyes open, Rush! I don't trust these guys as far as I could kick 'em."
Rush: "Kick 'em!"

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