Episode 10: Robosaur Park

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Robosaur Park is the tenth episode of Ruby Spears' Mega Man.



Mega Man de-evolves

A new theme park has opened called Robosaur Park and Dr. Light helped construct the robo-dinosaurs. But, Dr. Wily's robots gained easy access thanks to the crooked operator of the park and reprogrammed the dinos to go on a rampage. Then Dr. Wily releases a serum that is meant to transform robots into primates...and Mega Man, Roll and Rush catch it. If a cure is not delivered soon, Mega Man will become Mega Caveman!...

Robot Master Appearances: Toad Man

Fun Facts


Guts Man and Proto Man ride on some Robosaurs

This episode is partially a parody of the popular Steven Spielberg movie Jurassic Park, which hit theaters just before this episode aired.

On the back of the first season DVD box set and on the menu screen, the title of this episode is misspelled as Robosaro Park.


Proto Man: "Give me that, you robo-twits!"

Cut Man:(After Rush ties up one of the Robosaurs with a fire hose) "Nice try, Mega-jerk, but this robo-rex will tear that hose to shreds!"

Proto Man: "Whatever turns you on, Wily."

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