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Energy Element
Bass with four Energy Elements in the manga Mega Man Gigamix vol. 3.

Energy Element (エネルギー元素 Enerugī Genso?), also called Energy Crystal (エネルギー結晶 Enerugī Kesshou?), is a type of energy resource from Mega Man 3 needed by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily to be used on the giant peace-keeping robot Gamma. They were scattered about uncharted planets, so the doctors sent robots to mine them. For some reason, these robots suddenly have gone crazy, and Mega Man set out with Rush to stop the robots and retrieve the Energy Elements protected by them. After fighting against Break Man, Dr. Wily steals Gamma and the Energy Elements. The Energy Elements were never shown in the game, and it's unknown what happened to them after Gamma's destruction, presumably being lost or destroyed.

Appearance in other media

Captain N: The Game Master

In episode 32 from the animated series Captain N: The Game Master, the Energy Elements are called Energy Tanks and resemble a large, yellow Energy Tank with a blue dome above. Mega Man obtains the last Energy Tank after defeating Top Man, and it is placed inside Gamma.

Mega Man Gigamix

The Energy Elements appear in the manga Mega Man Gigamix, and have an important role in the stories. In volume 1, they appear in the story Asteroid Blues, which is based on the events from Mega Man 3. In volumes 2 and 3 they are shown to have a connection with Duo and the Stardroids.

Mega Man (Archie Comics)


Energy Elements in the Mega Man comic.

Before the Energy Elements had a direct appearance in the series, their presence was briefly implied in Mega Man Issue 20, when Mega Man briefly fought against Gamma when stuck in a time loop.

They also received a mention in Mega Man Issue 24, where Dr. Wily speculated that a blue gem Flash Man found may have been a new version of an Energy Element due to Ra Moon noting its power,[1] and in Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 249, where Sonic the Hedgehog commented that it would take over a billion Energy Elements (when Mega Man explained that they were his world's most powerful energy source) to equate to the power output of one Chaos Emerald.[2]

They first appeared in Mega Man #36, being shown as eight specially large and refined energy elements that Dr. Light connected in Gamma's mouth. These powerful crystal batteries are stolen by the Mega Man 3 Robot Masters in the same issue. They reappear in Issue 41, where it is revealed that Wily's third generation Robot Masters, per Wily's orders were going to let Mega Man have the Energy Elements anyways, although not without a huge fight. After the Energy Elements held by Snake Man and Top Man were recovered and sent to Light Labs by portable transport modules specifically designed for transporting the Energy Elements, Dr. Wily attempted to insert them into Gamma, although he was forced to put them into storage after he learned that only Roll and Dr. Light had authorization to access Gamma. Roll was nearly injured after one of the Energy Elements had discharged near her hand, as they were sensitive from the entire ordeal. After all Energy Elements are recovered and installed on Gamma, Dr. Wily betrays Dr. Light in issue 45 and steals Gamma.


Notes and references

  1. "Such power ...Allow me to process it for you." "Forget it. Work on that rice cooker, and we'll talk! Ra Moon said it possessed some sort of power. Let's see just what this is. A new energy element, perhaps? Or maybe a--YOW!" - Ra Moon and Dr. Wily, regarding the blue Chaos Emerald, Mega Man Issue 24
  2. "What's a Chaos Emerald?" "Lemme put it this way--What's your most powerful energy source?" "Ah... There's these crystals we use called 'Energy Elements', I guess." "Okay, whatever those are, multiply it by a billion and you've got the idea." - Sonic the Hedgehog explains what Chaos Emeralds essentially are to Mega Man, Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 249

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