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Thunder Block

Electricity is a recurring stage hazard in the Mega Man series that first appeared in Mega Man.


Mega Man

Mega Man.Elechazard

Electric blocks in Elec Man's stage.

In the original Mega Man, generators that fire out short beams of electricity appear in Elec Man's stage. The beams fire out horizontally and stretch out at a width of four blocks. This gimmick is named Elec Block (雷放電ブロック "Lightning Discharge Block" in Japan) in Mega Man Powered Up's Construction mode and Thunder Block (サンダーブロック) in Mega Man Official Complete Works.

Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge

Elec Man's stage once again features Thunder Blocks, but they are changed slightly. Due to the Game Boy's smaller resolution compared to that of an NES, the electricity is made to extend out three blocks instead of four, and it is now possible for a generator to fire beams of electricity vertically in addition to horizontally.

Mega Man: The Wily Wars

The spikes in Spark Man's stage from Mega Man 3 are electrified.

Mega Man X

Spark Mandrill's stage has electricity in the floor. Defeating Storm Eagle removes this hazard due to the power loss as a result of the Death Rogumer crashing into the location.

Mega Man X5

Volt Kraken's stage has moving electric hazards.

Mega Man Zero 2

There is electricity in the stage of Kuwagust Anchus and the Temple of Wind.

Mega Man Zero 3

The Sunken Library has electric cables that electrify the water on contact.

Mega Man Zero 4

Electricity flows in cables from the Magnetic Zone.

Mega Man ZX

The spinning electrified blades in Area E, along with the metal platforms that descend onto spark plugs when stepped on.

Mega Man Legends 2

There are electrified floors in some areas that numb Mega Man Volnutt on contact.