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Elec Man's Stage (エレキマンステージ) is an electric-themed stage that has Elec Man as its boss. It appears in the first Mega Man, its remake Mega Man: Powered Up, and Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge. While its exact location(s) is unknown, it is usually assumed to be a power plant that Elec Man was working on before being reprogrammed by Dr. Wily, as Elec Man was originally created by Dr. Light to control the voltage of nuclear power plants.

Mega Man

Elec Man's Stage consists mostly of climbing ladders, with enemies, Elec Blocks, pitfalls and Appearing Blocks getting in the way. The Magnet Beam is in this stage, and requires either the Super Arm or Thunder Beam to be obtained.


Mega Man Powered Up

In New Style, Elec Man's stage was modified, having different enemies and one section that can only be accessed by Time Man.


In Construction mode, the Scenery Packs Elec Starter, Elec Extra, and Old Elec are based on Elec Man's stage.

Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge


Other media

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

In Issue 3 of the Archie Comics Mega Man series, Elec Man, having been reprogrammed by Dr. Wily, took over a power plant. However, despite his best efforts, including using the electric shocks of the plant to destroy Mega Man, Elec Man was dispatched easily by the Rolling Cutter. Also note that the background in the main control room is highly similar to the design of his stage in Mega Man Powered Up.

Mega Man Megamix

The power plant Elec Man works in appears briefly when he goes out of control.

Rockman (manga)

Elec Man is the third robot faced by Mega Man.