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EM humans (デンジハ人間) are creatures created by a Jammer in the first Mega Man Star Force game. They are pink human-like EM creatures without a face, only having two white eyes, and they only say "Jammmm". They aren't very smart, but if a human stays near an EM human for too long, they will turn into EM humans as well.

The Jammer invades the Echo Ridge Elementary with EM humans to take the Andromeda Key from Omega-Xis, forcing Geo and Luna to hide until they get out of school, but they are unable to exit. Geo asks Luna to wait in a classroom so he can change into Mega Man to defeat them, but three EM humans surround Luna and Jammer threatens to change her into one if he doesn't receive the key. Harp Note then appears and destroys the EM humans, protecting Luna so Mega Man can fight against the Jammer.