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Duckbill Mole (ダックビルモール Dakkubirumōru?) is a secret boss in Mega Man X: Command Mission, a Reploid based on a platypus. He resides within one of the top floors of the Melda Ore Plant, where the Rebellion has charged him with guarding the "Absolute Zero" armor, citing it as a treasure that they gave him. He is equipped with a hammer called Naguru D and has a drilling Mechaniloid called K-Ball on his back. Duckbill exhibits eccentric behavior, and with the Rebellion symbol embedded on his forehead, could indicate that he's truly gone Maverick, nonetheless his abilities and Fire-based attacks are powerful. Besides this small duty, he has little role in the game.



When encountered by X

Duckbill Mole: Ha ha ha ha haaaah! What do you want? But wait! I forgot to introduce myself! I am Duckbill Mole! And behind me is the Mechaniloid K-Ball!

K-Ball: ......

Duckbill Mole: And you are...? You're here to steal my treasure the Rebellion gave me. But you can't have it! You'll have to face the crazy hammer, Naguru D first!

In-battle lines

  • "Ready to tangle with Duckbill Mole?!"
  • "Back in action!"
  • "Time to party!"
  • "I've got bulldozed!"
  • "You're in for a shock!"



Vs. Duckbill Mole - Part 1   Vs. Duckbill Mole - Part 2
Megaman X Command Mission Duckbill Mole Part 105:20

Megaman X Command Mission Duckbill Mole Part 1

Megaman X Command Mission Duckbill Mole Part 205:54

Megaman X Command Mission Duckbill Mole Part 2


  • Duckbill Mole's name and mining drill weapon could be in reference to the platypus's burrowing habits. Also, the platypus was called names, such as duckbill and duckmole by early British settlers.
  • He's one of two bosses that uses "Massimo of Steel" as the boss theme. The other being Depth Dragoon.

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