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Dr. Light's Laboratory (Dr.ライト研究所 Dr. Raito Kenkyuusho), also known as Dr. Light's Research Laboratory, is the complex that serves as the home of Dr. Light and his family of robots, including Mega Man, Roll, Auto, Rush, Eddie, Beat, and Tango. It has also served as the birthplace for many other robots created by Dr. Light, including Proto Man and the industrial Robot Masters from the first Mega Man game. Others have been sent here for repairs, including Bass in Mega Man 7 and Duo in Mega Man 8, and it was from here that Bass stole the plans for the Super Adapter. The lab also appears as a shop in Mega Man IV, Mega Man V, Mega Man 8 to Mega Man 10, and Mega Man & Bass. The lab is also briefly mentioned in the instruction manual of Mega Man X when it is discovered by Dr. Cain and housing X.

Dr. Light's lab is usually represented by a single image in the different games that it appears in, varying in appearance. Some have had it in the city, others have the laboratory situated out in the countryside, one location being the United States Midwest/West. One game, Mega Man 8, implied from the map screen that it was located near Denver, Colorado. In either case, the laboratory is usually depicted as a futuristic looking building with a blue roof and technology embedded into the walls, located in a small village far from the city.[1] There is usually a red mailbox in front of the house as well. The inside of the lab is usually characterized by metallic walls and one or several large computers and monitors. The size of the lab is never fully revealed, as it is usually only represented by a single room in most games.

Other media

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In Ruby-Spears' Mega Man animated series, Dr. Wily was Dr. Light's assistant and worked in the laboratory with him before his betrayal of Light and the theft and reprogramming of the Robot Masters. Dr. Light's lab also appears in other comics and manga, such as the manga Mega Man Megamix, Mega Man Gigamix and Rockman & Forte.

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

In Archie Comics' Mega Man comic book series, Light Labs is the home of Dr. Light and his creations. When Mega Man is out fighting against Wily's robots, Dr. Light assists him from the laboratory. As revealed in issue 36, Light Labs also contained at least one large below-ground floor accessible via elevator, used for the creation of large-scale projects such as Gamma. The upper portion of Light Labs was later destroyed by Doc Robot in issue 45, but Dr. Light's financial situation was such that he was able to rebuild in short order, though at the cost of setting back some of his other projects.




Mega Man 2 title screen.

  • The building shown on the title screen of Mega Man 2 may or may not be Dr. Light's Laboratory.
  • The Mega Man 9 opening was originally planned to happen in a building similar to the ones built by Dr. Light in RockBoard instead of Dr. Light's Laboratory.[2]