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Donner Wels

Donner Wels (ドンナー・ヴェルス Donnā Verusu?, "Thunder Catfish" in German.) is a boss that would appear in the game Mega Man Legends 3. Donner Wels is a mecha with roughly six meters height equipped with an electric whip that is piloted by the Bonne family. Barrett fights against the mecha in a large room with water.[1]

Donner Wels is the winning design from the second event held during Mega Man Legends 3's development. It was created by Kobun #46 (CAPコブン) in Japan.[2]



Donner Wels
Rockman DASH 3 Prototype Nico Live - Mission 301:57

Rockman DASH 3 Prototype Nico Live - Mission 3



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