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Dig Labour (ディグレイバー Digureibā), translated as Degraver in Mega Man X: Command Mission, is a construction Reploid from the Mega Man X series that resembles the Picket Man from the original Mega Man series, attacking by throwing pickaxes. If a pickaxe hits the player, the one who tossed it laughs. In the first Mega Man X game they appear in the stages of Armored Armadillo and Flame Mammoth, and also in Sigma's hideout. They appear in Flame Mammoth's stage in Mega Man Xtreme 2.

In Mega Man X: Command Mission, Degravers appear as workers in Central Tower during Chapter 2, and in the Gimialla Mine X has to make trades between four different colored mining Degravers to give their pickaxes to the right owner. They appear as enemies in the Melda Ore Plant, where they are encountered frozen in the Ore Plant External Tank. If they are attacked by X's group, they will retaliate. If the player use the item Warm-up, Cure One or Cure All to unfreeze a Degraver, he will be thankful and leave the battle if not harmed, dropping different items. Counters all attacks. High chance of counter attack. Run away by not thawing and taking damage. A broken Degraver can be found in Gimialla Mine and repaired to be used in the Deployment Center.


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