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Deneb (데네브?) is a character from Rockman Online, a 21-year old human that was born and grown up in a warlord family. Deneb adores Signas, the chief commander of U.C.A.. He volunteered for military service and became the youngest platoon leader, credited for his excellent insight and exercise capacity. Since then, he has recently been assigned to Gaia Base.

He has a straightforward personality and handsome appearance, and has once been ranked as "the most-favored guy to be a boyfriend" by the young women around his former assigned base.


  • Deneb is one of the two NPCs that were named in the promotion to beta test Rockman Online, the other NPC being Phoebe.
  • Amunshen named Deneb after the brightest star from the Cygnus constellation, as Signas' name is similar to Cygnus.

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