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Den Town


DenTown, known as Densan Town (デンサンタウン) in Japan, also written as Dentown, is a town in the central area of DenTech City accessible during Mega Man Battle Network. It is connected to other towns of DenTech City by the Metroline. DenTown is full of shops and businesses. The town is divided into 5 blocks, North, South, East, West, and the center of town. A bus runs through the town and stops can be found at each block.


Mega Man Battle NetworkEdit

DenTown is first introduced when Lan and Mayl decide to go shopping there for Yai's birthday present. Lan is occupied at first and Mayl decides to take the bus to DenTown with the intention for Lan to meet here there by way of the Metroline. Suddenly, when Lan finally arrives into town, all the lights of the intersections turn green and he witnesses a series of car crashes. A mysterious woman, Ms. Madd appears in front of the crowd of victims and witness and claims that the cause of the accidents was actually a malfunction of the driving programs of the cars. She also presents them with a "fix" to the malfunctions, offering it for 1,000,000 zennys. Lan and MegaMan fix the traffic lights, and Ms. Madd is angry that he backfired her plan to obtain money, making the bus with Mayl go out of control.

Mega Man Battle Chip ChallengeEdit

DenTown is shown in a flashback, were Kai remembers when Lan saved the bus he was inside. Chaud and Mayl also appear in DenTown during their individual story lines.

Real world areasEdit

Central DenTownEdit

Central DenTown (デンサンちゅうおう Densan Chuuou) in the central area of the town, which has the DenTown Movie Theater, a florist, and a large office building. At the time Mega Man Battle Network happens, the movie theatre is showing the horror film "Attack of the Killer PETs" and the action film "Upgrade Impossible 3" starring Rom Cruze. (In the Japanese version, the films are respectively called "PET" and "CYBER", and no actor is specified.)

DenTown Block 1Edit

DenTown Block 1 (デンサン1丁目 Densan 1 chōme) is northwest of Central DenTown. There is a PET repair shop and a bakery in this area.

DenTown Block 2Edit

DenTown Block 2 (デンサン2丁目 Densan 2 chōme) is northeast of Central DenTown. This area has Miyu's antiques shop (こっとうひんや kottouhinya) and a fast food restaurant.

DenTown Block 3Edit

DenTown Block 3 (デンサン3丁目 Densan 3 chōme) is southeast of Central DenTown. This area has the Metroline station and two buildings, one of them under renovation.

DenTown Block 4Edit

DenTown Block 4 (デンサン4丁目 Densan 4 chōme) is southwest of Central DenTown. Ms. Yuri is the teacher of a summer school (がくしゅうじゅく gakushū juku) in this area.

Internet areasEdit

Traffic Light ComputersEdit


Traffic Light Computer in Central DenTown.

Each of the five blocks have a Traffic Light Computer (信号機の電脳 Shingouki no Dennou) that controls the traffic lights in the area. The Traffic Light Computer 1 is in the DenTown Block 1, Computer 2 in Block 4, Computer 3 in Block 2, 4 in Block 3, and 5 in the central area. When Ms. Madd makes the bus with Mayl go out of control, Lan and MegaMan access all computers to make the signals red and stop the bus.

Large Vase ComputerEdit

The Large Vase Computer (大きなツボの電脳 Ookina Tsubo no Dennou) is a vase in Miyu's antiques shop that is actually an air cleaner used to protect the antiques from humidity and pollutants. The area has the viruses Mettaurs 2 and 3 and Candevil 3.

Black Board ComputerEdit

The Black Board Computer (ブラックボードの電脳 Burakkubōdo no Dennou) in the black board in Ms. Yuri's school. The viruses in the area are Fishy 2 and Poitton 3.