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This is the script of the track, Decision: Eight Gentle Judges. It shows the dialogues of the Eight Gentle Judges and how were they before.

Scene 1


(The scene shows the Eight Gentle Judges.)

Foxtar: Silence!

Kelverian: Judgment!

Inarabitta: The simple solution to the current situation that the wicked crime of harm to humans is becoming common, preventing reoccurrence, from the standpoint of general precaution, is that this serial number of Reploids must be commanded to be punished severely. Therefore, in the name of the true sovereign Lord X, we designate him as Irregular. He is to be retired for scrap.

Kelverian: Designated as an Irregular!

Copy X: Today's trial concerning Irregular security is hereby adjourned. 

(The scene fades out.)

Scene 2

(The scene begins with sounds of birds.)

Inarabitta: I can't understand Master X's verdict today.

Foxtar: Inarabitta! You speak recklessly. As protectors of the law, we judges are not perfect to the point of verifying the circumstances he used as a defense.

Inarabitta: But, Foxtar. Since after all it wasn't know what he ended up seeing, don't you think that designating him as an Irregular without lengthy deliberation was too hasty a decision?

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