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Dark MegaMan, known as Dark Rockman (ダークロックマン Dāku Rokkuman) in Japan, who was originally known as MegaMan DS or Rockman DS (ロックマンDS Rokkuman DS) in Japan in Mega Man Battle Network 4 (with DS meaning "Dark Soul"), is a dark version of MegaMan.EXE created from the darkness of Dark Chips.

Game History

Mega Man Battle Network 4

During a fight against ShadeMan.EXE, MegaMan is forced to use a Dark Chip to delete the Darkloid and his Dark Soul is born. Throughout the game, MegaMan is forced to resist/or succumb to the temptation of using Dark Chips. Dark MegaMan appears as an apparition created by Duo.EXE, extracted from MegaMan to test him and see if he is strong enough to conquer the darkness in himself. MegaMan fights his dark soul and triumphs. Dark MegaMan then disappears, with Duo commenting that MegaMan only suppressed the darkness instead of destroying it.


MegaMan vs MegaMan DS in Mega Man Battle Network 4.

Dark MegaMan appears at the end of Black Earth 2, brought out by the Mirror of Truth. When MegaMan defeats it again, he is awarded a pair of programs for the Navi Customizer.

In both cases, Dark MegaMan has everything the player has, including max HP, NaviCust programs and Program Advances used. It also has the advantage of being able to warp around the battlefield instead of being restricted to four directions. However, its attack choices are rather haphazardly chosen, so a player can out-think it.

Mega Man Battle Network 5

MegaMan transforms into MegaMan DS again when Nebula captures him and fills his body with dark power and places him in charge of the first half of End Area. After he is defeated during the liberation mission, he returns to normal. The battle with Dark Mega can be easy or hard depending of what kind of chips and weapons the player uses, as it can use all the battle chips and P.A. used in the game until that moment. Unlike the previous game, where his HP total was the same as the players, it's preset by version.

Dark MegaMan is also found in Nebula Area 6 as the "Chaos Lord" if the player takes two minutes or less to defeat all the DS Navis after their initial defeat. However, there is no bonus for redefeating Dark MegaMan.

The Dark Soul was deleted from MegaMan after the events of Battle Network 5 when he becomes Hub and defeats Nebula Grey and in return, destroying the Dark Soul within himself.

Anime History


Dark MegaMan in the anime.

Rockman.EXE Stream

This all begins when a phenomenon known as a "past vision" allowed the Darkloid ShadeMan to come back to life, in his mutilated form, just before LaserMan deleted him at the end of Axess. To ensure that the Darkloids rule the future, he implemented his data into a rocket and bit MegaMan on the neck. MegaMan's data became tainted, and when the right moment came, he fully converted to the dark side of himself.

Fortunately, Lan remembers the vaccine chip that they had used on Dark ProtoMan. With Lan's aid, MegaMan is able to defeat the darkness, and returns to normal long enough to destroy ShadeMan for good, along with his rocket of Darkloid data. As MegaMan made his way back to Lan, a dark energy separated itself from him, and took off in a blinding flash of light. Mysteriously enough, Dr. Regal is heard laughing in the background.

Five episodes later, MegaMan suddenly attacks all his friends, nearly deleting them. Later that day, he also nearly robs a bank. These actions land MegaMan in jail, much to Lan's anguish. As the two find themselves alone together, MegaMan begs Lan to delete him before he can do any more harm. But Lan refuses, until he realizes that the MegaMan in front of him really isn't MegaMan at all.

The sinister Navi reveals himself to be none other than Dark MegaMan. The real MegaMan became trapped deep in the Internet, where he is being attacked by a new horde of Darkloids: LarkMan, BlizzardMan, CloudMan, and CosmoMan, all under the direct orders of Dark MegaMan himself. Later, Dr. Regal sends Dark MegaMan to attack and enter the past tunnel to access Duo's Comet. Dark MegaMan is defeated by MegaMan in combat, but succeeds in escaping and accessing Duo's Comet. However, Slur intervened and ran her sword through his back. In the end, Dark MegaMan sacrificed himself in order to allow MegaMan to escape, and after his escape, Dark Megaman's data remains fused with MegaMan, as MegaMan had forgiven him.

Manga History


Dark MegaMan as he appears in the manga.

MegaMan NT Warrior

In the manga series, Dark MegaMan and LaserMan mysteriously appeared after a defeated Bass collapses after a confrontation with MegaMan. Dark MegaMan had been causing other Net forces to confuse him with the real MegaMan, and he even planned to absorb the last of Bass' power. But to do this, he needed enough energy that stemmed from MegaMan's hatred for him. So, to become strong enough to absorb Bass, he needed to trick the actual MegaMan into detesting him deeply, often by putting loved ones in danger, like his NetOp, Lan. He eventually does absorb Bass, and LaserMan as well, betraying him, but he is eventually defeated.


Dark MegaMan possesses all of MegaMan's abilities, but enhanced with the power of darkness.

In the manga he is shown to be able to quickly recover from any damage, change the shape of his hands, and the ability to use Dark Aura. When he temporarily absorbed Bass, he had all of his powers. He later absorbed LaserMan and gained his laser powers.