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D-1000 is the boss of the intro stage of Mega Man X6. It is comprised of a large, seemingly immobile Mechaniloid and a smaller robot that operates it from above.

Attacks and Strategy

It mainly attacks by charging into you, either from above (which can be avoided by ducking) or by adjusting to your altitude and charging from the left or the right (depending on where you are). When enough damage is dealt, it may also fire energy balls from its mouth that explode upwards when they hit the ground. The eye orb avoids you by teleporting from one side to another, but can also fire slow moving orange shots at you.

Striking the eye orb not only damages it more, but makes the big Mechaniloid crash to the ground, immobilizing it momentarily. The large body can also be hit, but it takes much less damage and will not cause it to become immobile.

Other Media

Archie Comics

The D-1000 would later appear during the Worlds Unite crossover as part of the Mechaniloid army created by Sigma-1 on the Lost Hex.