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The Cutting Shadow Squadron (斬影軍団 Zan'ei Gundan?, lit. "Decapitating Shadow Army") is the last in four military armies of Neo Arcadia, features stealth units and anti-Resistance intelligence unit. Its leader is Hidden Phantom, although the unit ended up disbanded after his demise. Of all the members below, Hanumachine is the only one fought by the player before the army's dissolution.


Z1 HanumachineMugshot Hanumachine: based on the Hindu monkey god Hanuman, uses fire and fighting combat. Leads a direct assault on the Resistance Base.
Z2 MagnionMugshot Phoenix Magnion: based on the phoenix (also called a fire bird), he focuses on illusions and fire blasts. Protector of a power reactor.
Z2HylegMugshot Hyleg Ourobockle: based on the Ouroboros snake, assisted by a giant snake Mechaniloid called Altoloid. Guardian of the Forest of Dysis and the Baby Elf contained within.
Z2BurbleMugshot Burble Hekelot: based on the Egyptian frog-headed goddess of birth, Heqet, use aquatic and wood attacks. Guardian of the Forest of Notus.
Z4 KrakenMugshot Tech Kraken: based on the giant mythological squid called the Kraken, equipped with stealth ice and spears attacks. Joined the Einherjar Eight Warriors, with a mission to drill the seabed to cause an earthquake.

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