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Crowcar (クロッカー Kurokkā?) is a crow-like enemy from the Mega Man Star Force series that move from side to side and then zoom right into Mega Man.

Crowcar Family

  • Crowcar
  • Crowket (クロケット Kuroketto?)
  • Crowbus (クローバス Kurōbasu?)

Battle Cards

Viruses from the Crowcar family drop the Battle Card Jet Attack (ジェットアタック Jetto Atakku?), which makes the user perform a piercing straight line rush attack.

Mega Man Star Force

IDBattle CardAttackDescription
034SF BC 034Jet Attack 1100Piercing strght line rush atk.
035SF BC 035Jet Attack 2150Piercing strght line rush atk.
036SF BC 036Jet Attack 3200Piercing strght line rush atk.

Mega Man Star Force 3

IDBattle CardAttackDescription
037 SF BC 034 Jet Attack 1 90 Piercing strght line rush atk
038 SF BC 035 Jet Attack 2 120 Piercing strght line rush atk
039 SF BC 036 Jet Attack 3 150 Piercing strght line rush atk

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