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Corvus Noise (コーヴァスノイズ) is the Noise Change between Mega Man and Corvus, which formerly was EM counterpart of Jack Corvus.


Corvus Noise's main color is grey, with darker joints and body parts. The shoulders and head is covered with spiky extensions which spread wide.


Corvus Noise is one of the two fire-elemental Noise Changes, the other being Taurus Noise, which shares the same Noise Force Big Bang. It emphasizes status-nullifying abilites much as Jack Corvus does, bearing immunities to HP-related effects. Its charge shot Shocking Flare also inflicts gravity effect on targets. Interestingly, Corvus Noise does not have AirShoes or FloatShoes, despite Jack Corvus possessing both and one of the Corvus Noise ability waves being Air Shoes. When paired with Ophiuca Noise, this results in an interesting mix of both offense and defense, with Grass Panel generation amplifying the Fire boost while both Noises protect against many different types of ailments.

Noise FormEdit

  • Non-dimming Fire cards +30 attack.

Vibrant NoiseEdit

  • Element: BC Element Heat Fire
  • Weakness: BC Element Aqua Aqua
  • Immune to Black Hole attacks.
    • Includes the Darkness Hole giga card as well.
  • Cannot receive HP Bugs and takes no damage from Poison Panels.
  • Charge Shot: Shocking Flare
    • Covers the column MegaMan is standing on, inflicting (5 x Buster Attack + 50) Fire damage and inducing Gravity effect.
  • NFB: Atomic Blazer

Ability WavesEdit

  • Gravity Body/300
  • Air Shoes/200

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