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Copy Vision
MMB-CopyVision-MegaMan-Art MMB-CopyVision-Bass-Art
Mega Man and Bass equipped with Copy Vision.
MMB-CopyVision-MegaMan-Sprite MMB-CopyVision-Bass-Sprite

Copy Vision (コピービジョン Kopī Bijon?) is Astro Man's Special Weapon in Mega Man & Bass. When Mega Man or Bass uses it, a copy of them appears forward their current position to shoot at enemies. The holographic copy fires twenty-eight times before disappearing.  The copy will also attract the fire and attention of all enemies onscreen, including bosses (even if they are not weak to the weapon), providing a distraction.  The player can also fire weak buster shots by pressing FIRE while a clone is deployed.

It is Dynamo Man's and Atetemino Proto's weakness.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units in Mega Man & Bass.

CopyVisionIcon Copy Vision MMB-CopyVision-Bass-Icon
Boss Damage
Green Devil 4
Cold Man 1
Burner Man 1
Pirate Man 0
Ground Man 0
Tengu Man 1
Magic Man 1
Astro Man 0
Dynamo Man 2
Atetemino Proto 2
King 0
Jet King Robo 0
Wily Machine 1
Wily Capsule 1


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