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Comic BomBom (コミックボンボン Komikku Bonbon?) was a monthly Japanese manga magazine published by Kodansha and targeted at elementary school boys. Each issue had over 700 pages, with 80 of them being full-color advertisements. Similar to its rival CoroCoro Comic, it featured tie-ins with game makers like Capcom and toy makers but toward the end of its run had less of that. Due to declining sales, the title ended in late 2007 and was replaced by Shōnen Rival.

Rockman manga

Comic BomBom published several Mega Man manga:

Shigeto Ikehara:

Iwamoto Yoshihiro:

  • Rockman X (January 1994 - January 1995)
    • Rockman X2 (February 1995 - February 1996)
    • Rockman X3 (March 1996 - June 1997)
      • Rockman X Zero (July 1997 - August 1997)
    • Rockman X4 (September 1997 - August 1998)

Hitoshi Ariga:

Kōji Izuki:



Comic BomBom

Comic BomBom Special Editions

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