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The "Colossus", known in Japan (roughly) as the "ancient statue of god" (古代神像 Kodai Jinzou?), is a giant legendary Reaverbot that will give anyone who controls it the power to conquer the world. Acquiring it was Lex Loath's master plan in The Misadventures of Tron Bonne in order to conquer the world with Glyde. To do so, he drove Diggers into debt with his loan business and forced them to pay it off by both locating the Colossus and the Golden Refractor that can awake it. It may be the largest Reaverbot ever. To get an idea of its enormous size, the Gustaff is about 2 meters, and yet stands at about half the size of Colossus's head, making it stand close to or exceeding 60 meters (roughly over 195 feet).

The Colossus is powered by the Golden Refractor on its head and sixteen red Energy Pylons. After the fight against Glyde, it's activated by Loath. The Bonnes attack it with the Gesellschaft, but they could not damage the Colossus and Loath attacks, causing large damage to the Gesellschaft.

During the game's final battle, the Servbots were able to immobilize the Colossus by removing the energy pylons from it. After this, Loath uses the remaining energy to attack with its head, which floats above the body and attack with lasers, shots, and can run over the Gustaff. At the end of the fight, the Servbots manage to remove the Golden Refractor, completely deactivating the Colossus and causing it to collapse in the sea.

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