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Colonel Soul
is the Double Soul MegaMan.EXE performs with Colonel.EXE, requiring an Obstacle Battle Chip to be used. This is the last Double Soul obtained in the Team Colonel version of MegaMan Battle Network 5, and is extremely helpful in battles where time bombs and the like aren't usable.


  • Arms Change: MegaMan can change his Charge Shot to any non-dimming elementless chip.
  • Colonel Army: If enemies are standing near obstacles, these obstacles will transform into soldiers and attack with either a LongSword or Vulcan with an added Paralysis effect. The type of attack depends on which side of the obstacle the enemy is standing on (left = LongSword, right = Vulcan). The Vulcan hits 3 times for 10 damage each, plus double the Buster's rank, while the LongSword hits for 40 damage with an additional 10 damage per Buster rank.
  • Charge Shot: Screen Divide (Hits a V formation centred on the nearest enemy for 50 damage, with an additional 10 damage for each increase in Buster rank. The formation may change depending on enemy locations.)
  • Weakness: The Arms Change lasts only while the Soul is active, and once Arms Change is used the Screen Divide Charge Shot cannot be regained.
  • Bosses to use against:
    • Colonel.EXE - The Colonel Army ability can be used against him when he summons Rock Cubes.

Competitive Play

  • Colonel Soul's awkward abilities and lack of proper offensive support leaves it rather underlooked in multiplayer.

CColonelEmo Chaos Unison

MegaMan's Charge Shot becomes Dark Sound, which summons a Trumpy virus that paralyzes all enemies while it plays music. Arms Change still can be performed, but since the Chaos Soul expires immediately afterwards the chip is wasted.

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