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This page is about the NetNavi ClockMan.EXE. To see information on the Robot Masters, see Clock Men.

ClockMan.EXE (クロックマン Kurokkuman) is a NetNavi from the game Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star with the ability to travel through time. ClockMan is obsessed with time, and likes to collect beautiful women from different time periods by freezing them in time and taking them with him to the future.


In the period of the Mega Man Star Force series, he kidnapped Harp Note and escaped 200 years into the past, to the time of the first Mega Man Battle Network game. With the help of Dr. Goodall, the Star Force Mega Man was able to go after him to rescue Harp Note, but he can only return to his time if he finds ClockMan. After the events with ElecMan.EXE, ClockMan kidnapped Roll.EXE, and MegaMan.EXE believed the Star Force Mega Man was the one responsible and fought against him. After discovering he wasn't the one responsible, the two join forces and fight against ClockMan. After deleting him, MegaMan and Harp Note return to their own time using the Warp Hole left by ClockMan before his deletion.



ClockMan's emblem

  • Clock Slicer: ClockMan throws small blades that move slowly in the floor.
  • Clock Laser: When the clock in the background points to 3:00, he fires a laser from a Warp Hole.
  • Calling Crimson: When the clock in the background points to 6:00, ClockMan summons Crimson Dragon to attack behind the player.
  • Rogue Call: When the clock in the background points to 9:00, ClockMan summons Rogue to attack three times with a sword slash.
  • Mega Clock Laser: When the clock in the background points to 12:00, it fires a giant laser from the background.

Battle Chips

IDBattle ChipDamage
176Clockman chip exeossClockMan120
177Clockman2 chip exeossClockManV2140
178Clockman3 chip exeossClockManV3160


  • ClockMan is the winner from the game's boss character contest. He was originally named Clock Genius (クロック・ジニアス) by his designer.[1]
  • There are two Robot Masters called Clock Men, but ClockMan.EXE isn't based on them or any other Robot Master as he was created in a boss character contest. It is also possible that he was inspired by the constellation, Horologium the Clock.
  • Clock Man has a total of 11 watches on his body, 12 if counting the big portal clock on his back.
  • The clocks on ClockMan.EXE's body all point to 10:10.


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