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Chisao Oyama

Chisao Oyama (大山チサオ Ōyama Chisao?) is a character from the MegaMan Battle Network series. He is Dex's young brother. He doesn't have a NetNavi. He speaks very childishly and believes that his brother is the best NetOp in the world.


MegaMan Battle Network 3

He appears in ACDC Town, looking for Dex arriving from Netopia. He runs away crying after Lan defeats Dex in a Netbattle. He later goes with the Lan's class to Yoka and visits the zoo. Chisao is then kidnapped by a condor and trapped on a high voltage tower. He is saved when all the animals return to normal.

MegaMan Battle Network 4

He appears shortly before the battle between Lan and Dex. He pretends to be kidnapped and makes Lan and MegaMan.EXE go all over the net looking for him . Chisao tries to make Lan late for the contest and miss his match.

MegaMan NT Warrior

He still idolizes Dex but he is a supposed genius and can operate GutsMan.EXE better than Dex and can perform the Program Advance. Chisao is tricked into believing that the curry shop run by the ex-WWW is a base for aliens and is given NoodleMan.EXE to destroy it but they convince them of their identities and all the conflicts are resolved in the end.

He later becomes a reoccurring character in Axess, oftentimes paired up with Rush and joining Lan and Maylu on a few adventures. He becomes hurt and cries when Dex gains a tough-guy attitude and rebuffs him from his "training" with the ex-WWW members, even rooting for Lan and MegaMan during a NetBattle with GutsMan because of it. Despite his supposed genius, he still likes to partake in regular "kid" stuff, such as making sand castles in sandboxes and other activities.

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