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The Chip Trader is Higsby's invention in the MegaMan Battle Network series. By inserting a required amount of battle chips, users will receive a chip in return. The more chips required by the machine, the rarer the battle chips the user can receive. The chip has no correlation with the chips traded and trading in rare chips does not guarantee better chips.


Regular Chip Traders

Regular Chip Traders require 3 battle chips for trading.

Special Chip Traders

Special Chip Traders require 10 battle chips to be traded. The chip they exchange for is rarer that available than regular chip traders. Different locations slightly affect the results of the chip trader.

Retro Chip Traders

Only present in MegaMan Battle Network 2 the Retro Chip Traders work by linking Battle Network 2 with Battle Network and trading a chip from Battle Network 1.


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  • Starting with Battle Network 2, the game's process is automatically saved after using the trader in order to keep players from restarting the game to regain the chips if they are unsatisfied with what comes out.
  • In Battle Network 2, the Retro traders mysteriously break down after 1 use.

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