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Chill Spike
Mega Man using Chill Spike.
MM10-ChillSpike-Sprite MM10-ChillSpike-P-Sprite MM10-ChillSpike-B-Sprite

Chill Spike, also known as Chilled Spike (チルドスパイク Chirudo Supaiku?) in Japan, is Chill Man's special weapon from Mega Man 10. This weapon launches a special freezing gel which flies in a parabolic trajectory. An enemy hit by this liquid may freeze and become unable to move, similar to the effects of the Ice Slasher. The gel freezes when it strikes the ground or wall and forms razor-sharp icicles on the spot where it landed, which can be used as a trap. Aside from the Wily Capsule and Sprinklans, enemies weak to Chill Spike are only weak to the trap portion of the weapon. Chill Spike can also damage some of the enemies otherwise invulnerable to normal weapons and it destroys Nitro Man's Wheel Cutters. It is also capable of bursting Nitro Man's tires, causing him to spin out and return to his normal form.

Damage Data Chart

Known damage values in units for Mega Man 10.

MM10-ChillSpike-Icon Chill Spike
Boss Damage
Blade Man 1:1
Pump Man 1:1
Commando Man 1:1
Chill Man 1:1
Sheep Man 1:1
Strike Man 1:1
Nitro Man 1:5
Solar Man 1:1
Weapons Archive (Elec Man) 1:1
Weapons Archive (Wood Man) 1:1
Weapons Archive (Gemini Man) 1:1
Weapons Archive (Ring Man) 1:1
Weapons Archive (Napalm Man) 1:1
Weapons Archive (Flame Man) 1:1
Weapons Archive (Slash Man) 1:5
Weapons Archive (Frost Man) 1:1
Weapons Archive (Tornado Man) 1:1
Crab Puncher 1:--
Block Devil 1:1
Wily Machine No. 10: 1st Phase 1:--
Wily Machine No. 10: 2nd Phase 1:--
Wily Capsule 2:--
Enker 0:0
Punk 0:0
Ballade 0:0
  • For Chill Spike, the first number is contact made with the blob; the second number is the spike trap.

Bosses weak against Chill Spike

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