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List of bosses from Mega Man X on Super NES.

  • VileGo to Vile
  • Chill PenguinGo to Chill Penguin
  • Armored ArmadilloGo to Armored Armadillo
  • Boomer KuwangerGo to Boomer Kuwanger
  • Launch OctopusGo to Launch Octopus
  • Spark MandrillGo to Spark Mandrill
  • Sting ChameleonGo to Sting Chameleon
  • Storm EagleGo to Storm Eagle
  • Flame MammothGo to Flame Mammoth
  • BospiderGo to Bospider
  • Rangda BangdaGo to Rangda Bangda
  • D-RexGo to D-Rex
  • VelguarderGo to Velguarder
  • SigmaGo to Sigma

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