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Many Mega Man characters throughout all the series have names that are derived from music terms. Mega Man's name is Rock and his sister's name is Roll and together they are Rock and Roll. Proto Man's Japanese name is Blues. Bass' Japanese name, Forte, is also a music term as well as Treble's Japanese name, Gospel. Enker's name is probably a play on the word "encore" or the word "enka" which is a type of Japanese folk music. Quint's name is probably a play on the word "quintet." Ballade's name is probably a play on the word "ballad" or the word "ballade" which is a type of poem. There's Sera from Mega Man Legends 2 whose name is Italian of evening. The word "serenade" comes from the word "sera" since a serenade is sung in the evening. There's also Middy from Mega Man Xtreme whose name is a different spelling for MIDI which stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface.

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