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Big enemies usually guard a Robot Master's gate or a section between ladders while trying to shoot or jump on Mega Man. The Big Eye was the first big enemy to do this. Following in the Big Eye's footsteps are the Robot Walker Joe, the Bouncer, the Jumbig, the Power Massler, the Power Slam, the Big Stomper and the Tsurare Stamp.

Big enemies may also appear or teleport down in a stage and must be defeated in order to move on to the next part of a stage. The Hot Dog and the Lantern Fish were the first big enemies to do this, but the Hot Dog only teleported. Others include the Snakey, the Tabby, the Giant Met, the Moby (which teleported), the Giant Escargot (which teleported as well), the Hippoplatter (teleported after the platter rose up), the Metall Potton, the Squidon and the Gorilla Tank. There are usually two per stage with the exception of the three Hot Dogs in Wood Man's stage.

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