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Capcom Special Selection: Shooting Star Rockman (CAPCOM SPECIAL SELECTION 流星のロックマン?) is a soundtrack from the Capcom Special Selection line that contains a music disc and a booklet with artwork and concept art from the Mega Man Star Force series. It was released in Japan on September 19, 2015. The music from the first two games was taken from the Shooting Star Rockman 1 & 2 Original Soundtrack, while the music from Mega Man Star Force 3 was recorded from the game.[1]

Track list

Shooting Star Rockman:

  1. Shooting Star
  2. ホームタウン (Home Town)
  3. Wave World
  4. Last Battle
  5. 帰るべき場所 ("Return to Location")
    Shooting Star Rockman 2:
  6. Shooting Star(verRR2)
  7. Wave World
  8. スカイウェーブ (Sky Wave)
  9. Wave Battle
  10. 神との対峙 ("Confrontation with God")
  11. 刻まれた記憶たち ("Our Carved Memories")
    Shooting Star Rockman 3:
  12. Shooting Star (Ver.RR3)
  13. Wave Battle
  14. Last Battle
  15. 大団円 ("Finale")



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