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Capcom Music Collection (カプコン ミュージック コレクション?) vol. 0 is a soundtrack with 17 musics from several Capcom games, three of them being from the Mega Man series. It was distributed in the Tokyo Game Show 2009 in September and later available on sale in October 1, 2009 in Japan.

Track list

  1. Makaimura - 1st & 2nd BGM
  2. Higemaru Makaijima - 7tsu no Shima Daibouken - Mermaid Island BGM *New CD remix
  3. Rockman - Cutman stage
  4. Strider Hiryu - Stage 1 BGM
  5. Final Fight - Stage 1 BGM
  6. 2010 Street Fighter - Stage 1 BGM *New CD remix
  7. Street Fighter II - Ryu stage
  8. Captain Commando - Stage 1 (City) BGM
  9. Rockman X - Opening stage
  10. Vampire - Demitri stage (Romania)
  11. Rockman Mega World - Buster Rod G stage *New CD remix
  12. Biohazard 2 - Raccoon City
  13. Breath of Fire IV - Owarito, hajimari.
  14. Devil May Cry - Public Enemy (generic battle 1)
  15. Gyakuten Saiban - Investigation - 追いつめられて
  16. Monster Hunter - Proof of a Hero
  17. Sengoku Basara - Sengoku Basara

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