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Canidae is the biological family of carnivorous and omnivorous mammals that includes domestic dogs, wolves and foxes.



A dog in Mega Man: Battle & Chase.

Note that this page only contains real (or realistic. See Legion.) canids. Robots, programs and others based on canids, such as Friender, Patrol Dog, Garm, Karumuna Bash, Rush and Wolf, are not included here.

Mega Man 8Edit

Mega Man is shown saving a dog in one of the flashbacks from the ending.

Mega Man: Battle & ChaseEdit

A dog appears in Roll's ending.

Mega Man ZXEdit


Artwork from Mega Man ZX

There is a blue Reploid dog named Canis in Area C that belongs to Arcia. In Area G, Allen and his dog Bosch are in danger and can be rescued.

There is also an artwork where Vent is surprised by a dog's bark, almost dropping the boxes he carried, and Girouette laughs at the situation. That dog never appeared in the game itself.

The Misadventures of Tron BonneEdit

Dogs appear in Ryship Island, and will scare Servbots that approach them.

Mega Man LegendsEdit

Kattelox Island has some dogs.


Paprika (パプリカ Papurika) is a dog that belongs to Jim's sister. Early in the game, Jim asks his sister to let him take Paprika with him, and he sends Paprika to chase Tron Bonne. Mega Man Volnutt tries to help Tron Bonne, having the option to talk with Paprika to calm him down or kick him away from her, the latter being possible only in Japanese versions. Paprika will disappear for some time after this event, but will eventually return to his owner. The way Paprika acts will be different depending of the player's actions. If Mega Man talked with Paprika, it will be happy and playful, and Mega Man will be able to understand what he says near the end of the game. If Mega Man kicked Paprika, it will be sad and fears Mega Man.

Stray dogsEdit


A stray dog.

Eight stray dogs (野犬 yaken) appear in Old City. If a stray dog is approached, it will bark and start chasing Mega Man. When running, stray dogs cause 1 point of damage to Mega Man. A stray dog will stop chasing Mega Man if it is kicked, calming down and not chasing Mega Man again until he leaves the area. Sometimes stray dogs will cease their pursuit when they are far away, but they may follow Mega Man again if approached.

Mega Man Legends 2Edit

A fox appears in an abandoned building in the Calinca tundra. Maria's daughter named the fox Kon (コン) and is concerned when it disappears after the building is destroyed, but Kon reappears when the Gemeinschaft is destroyed. When Joe leaves Calinca with Maria and her daughter, the fox disappears, implying that Maria's daughter took Kon with her.

Other mediaEdit

The protagonist from Captain N: The Game Master has a dog named Duke that appears in all episodes.


  • Canis appears in one of the alternate covers from ZX Tunes.
  • In Mega Man Legends 2, there are pictures of dogs in Yosyinke City's bar. When Mega Man checks one of them, he says that "there was a girl who hated dogs on the last island we were on", referring to Tron being chased by Paprika in the previous game.
  • In the Mega Man Battle Network and Mega Man Star Force series there are security dog houses used to fool criminals.