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Cancer is a boss from Rockman Strategy based on the Zodiac Sign that is his namesake and which encompasses June 22 through July 22 of the "Tropical Calendar" (his Zodiac element is Water). He is part of the Constellation Droids led by Apollo and Luna. Much like the actual Zodiac Symbol upon which he is based, he has an aquatic nature and has a crab-like design about him. His weapon, the Bubble Beam, is capable of dealing devastating water-based damage to his opponents (especially if they are using electrical or fire-based attack or defensive schemes). However, he himself is weak against electrical-type weapons.

The Robot Masters that Dr. Wily sends to accompany him in his domain-Battle Above the Clouds over the Indian Ocean-are Elec Man and Spark Man.


  • The symbol on Cancer's abdomen is the zodiac symbol for Gemini.
  • Cancer's Special Weapon shares it's name with a common water attack from Pokemon.

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