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Burble Hekelot (バーブル・へケロット) is a boss from Mega Man Zero 2. Burble is a Mutos Reploid based on the Egyptian frog-headed goddess of birth, Heqet. Burble Hekelot was formerly a member of Phantom's Cutting Shadow Squadron, and after Phantom's death, he was assigned to Sage Harpuia's unit. Burble doesn't get along with Hyleg Ourobockle, who was also part of the Zan'ei Army. He frequently says "kero," which is Japanese for "ribbit."

Burble was assigned to protect the Forest of Notus, but it seems he didn't do his job right, as Elpizo passed through without being seen. When Burble spots Zero, he notices someone is in the other side of the door, but thought it was a problem in his sensors, fighting Zero and giving Elpizo enough time to escape. He was defeated by Zero in the forest, and again in the final stages, where he was under Elpizo's control.

Burble attacks with his tongue, kicking while hanging on the ceiling, shaking the wall to make Caterpulls fall from the top of the screen, launching missiles from his back, spitting bubbles, and turning into a big ball to smash Zero. He has no elemental weakness, but Zero can use the Flame Chip to burn down the leaves so that all of the screen is visible. Defeating him at rank A or S will give Zero the Energy Chain EX Skill.


Nickname: Guardian in the Tree's Shadow (Jyuin no Monban, 樹陰の門番)
EX Skill: Energy Tongue (エナジータング)

Burble Hekelot tries to latch his tongue around Zero, leeching his life force to replenish his own, and grow in size.

Mission: Chase Elpizo
Zero's EX Skill: Energy Chain

Mission enemies

Sub-boss: Pinofeel


  • The fact that Burble and Hyleg don't get along is in some ways similar to the relationship between Snake Man and Toad Man (Snake Man likes Toad Man, but Toad Man dislikes Snake Man). In both cases, it may have something to do with the fact that some snakes eat frogs.
  • Burble Hekelot is the only amphibian themed Reploid in the Mega Man games.