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This page is about the NetNavi BubbleMan.EXE. To see information on his Robot Master counterpart, see Bubble Man.

BubbleMan.EXE is a Solo NetNavi from the Mega Man Battle Network series with no NetOp in both the games, anime and manga. He has a habit of saying "-blub" at the end of his sentences.


BubbleMan is portrayed as a coward in the games, as he runs away and hides behind doors and obstacles. His henchmen, the Bubble Brigade, are also known for running. He also is willing to beg for mercy and use underhanded tricks to win as displayed by his attempt to trick MegaMan, then escape while blowing up the bubbles containing his prisoners.

In the anime, he is also portrayed as a blundering idiot, who fails in his attempts to complete his missions and gather Dark Chips. He hates Lan and MegaMan for humiliating him and tries to get revenge on them constantly. BubbleMan usually fails, however. He is also ShadeMan's most trusted ally, and the only one not to turn against him when LaserMan took over. BubbleMan also seems to genuinely be friends with IceMan and SpoutMan. He has shown a gentler side when he rescues the baby Trill.

Game History

Mega Man Battle Network 3

BubbleMan is a NetNavi from the WWW that was created by Wily, and is DrillMan's cousin. He carries out a mission for the WWW by making new BubbleWash machines (also made by the WWW) to trap people in bubbles that explode after a set amount of time, killing whoever is inside. Lan and MegaMan Jack-in to the ACDC Area where they find BubbleMan. BubbleMan avoids confrontation by pretending to attack and then running away. However, he leaves a bubble trail behind for MegaMan to follow. He hides in the back of Yoka Area 1 which can only be crossed using the Press Program. Once MegaMan uses it, BubbleMan creates a bubble door to keep him from getting through and then gives the Needle, the only thing that can break the door to the Bubble Brigade (that are 3 HeelNavis whose only reason for being recruited into the WWW was because they could run). They escape and MegaMan has to chase them through ACDC Area 2 and SciLab 1 before returning to BubbleMan. When they are defeated MegaMan gets the Needle to break the door. After Bubble Man is defeated, he begs for mercy promising to stop the Bubbles and MegaMan agrees to spare him. Despite this however, BubbleMan in fact tries to make the bubbles explode faster and runs away. He is however swiftly deleted by ProtoMan.EXE in the nick of time.

Although BubbleMan.EXE does not reappear during the N1 Grand Prix, he is briefly referenced by Lan, after Sunayama pulled a similar trick to BubbleMan by tricking Lan into looking away so he'd have a chance to escape.

BubbleMan later reappears in the Castle Wily in a tank comp, but is deleted again.


MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

BubbleMan is a Darkloid under the command of ShadeMan.EXE and fights for Nebula. He once went on a mission to destroy a water works factory to flood the city under the orders of Nebula and is attacked by Lan and MegaMan using Cross Fusion. However, they argue so much the Cross Fusion breaks. Lan tries to attack BubbleMan, but fails. However, MegaMan and Lan get their act together and manage to use Cross Fusion and defeat him.

He also reappears when Lan and MegaMan got to Yoka. BubbleMan tries to ambush him, but MegaMan and MetalMan drive him off. He also befriends SpoutMan and IceMan on a hot day after the other Darkloids bully him. They make water and ice structures in the Net and play until MegaMan, Roll, and NumberMan arrive. BubbleMan tricks the others into ambushing them by saying it was a game. The plan almost succeeds until Shuko and Tory order SpoutMan and IceMan to Jack Out. BubbleMan returns to the Darkloids in failure.

BubbleMan remains loyal to ShadeMan after LaserMan's coup and tries to revive him unsuccessfully and watches Bass.EXE free ShadeMan.

In episode 51, he was able to get the Rush frags used to make ShadeMan cross to the real world from the cyberworld, back to MegaMan and his friends after which he walks away somewhere.

  • BubbleMan was, admittingly, the weakest of all of the Darkloids. The most damage he ever inflicted upon MegaMan was kicking Cross Fusion MegaMan after he was knocked down by ShadeMan in episode 50.

Rockman.EXE Stream

Bubbleman made a brief appearance offering his services to the members of Neo-WWW, however Tesla said no. Before being cut off, BubbleMan tries to tell her the location of a legendary treasure. After being ingnored, BubbleMan enlists SpoutMan and IceMan to go find said treasure. However MagnetMan follows them with MegaMan and Roll right behind him. The treasure the three find is in fact a bug frag, which is shattered by MagnetMan in rage. The three work together and defeat MagnetMan, despite his elemental advantage. Sadden, BubbleMan leaves, however he does smile, thinking there will be another adventure. BubbleMan is next seen aiding the revived ShadeMan and gets stuck in the past.

Rockman.EXE Beast

It is revealed that Colonel.EXE trapped him with an Ice Seed Battle Chip so that he couldn't alter the past. However, when he wakes up he sees viruses from Beyondard and rescues Trill. After giving him to MegaMan he leaves.

His role is primary comic relief. Despite being a Darkloid, he has never used a Dark Chip even once. After vanishing in Episode 32 of Stream, he reappears in Beast with more antics, such as pretending to be a Cyberbeast. He also appears during the battle with Gregar Beast Rockman in hopes of exacting revenge against him. Unfortunately, his efforts only serve to free the trapped Gregar Beast Rockman who then continues his berserker rampage through Internet City. He also reappears at the end of Beast to help fend off the beast viruses. He prays and then retreats after Super Cybeast Grezar arrives.

Rockman.EXE Beast+

HNI 0044

BubbleMan.EXE from the anime.

He resurfaces in Beast+ and works with Yuika and Captain Kurohige to cause terror in the real world via copyroids, of various sizes, in a Team Rocket-like fashion (the blast-offs even look similar). They use the remains of Onibi Island as their base of operations (Onibi Island was once utilized by the Falzars as a copyroid manufacturing plant and was later flattened from a volley of the Onibi ghost battleship controlled by Zoan FlameMan). First, he supplies Yuika and Kurohige with small copyroids which only give Netto and friends a good laugh. Then he supplies them with badly-repaired regular size copyroids which malfunction in battle with R-Rockman. They then produce a large abnormal copyroid, which combines DiveMan and CircusMan into one. The copyroid is taller than a 12-story building. The copyroid is immune to conventional attacks and is disabled when R-Protoman destroys the pipe, the weak point, in DiveMan's mouth. It is finally destroyed when R-Rockman throws a few bombs, which CircusMan consumes. During this time, BubbleMan occupies a small copyroid.

He later becomes a street vendor of small copyroids, which he dubbed "mini-roids".

His was revived while he sale in a shop owned by the bad ramen seller and later antique store owner.


MegaMan NT Warrior

In the manga, he is still a Solo Navi. He is also related to AquaMan and lives in a junkyard with him. He is encountered in volume 8, chapter 2, along with AquaMan.EXE.



BubbleMan's emblem

  • BubbleMan always starts with a hole in the centre of his area, and a rock placed above it. His Beta form adds a hole in the centre of the player's area.
  • Bubble Parade: Bubbles will constantly be summoned from the hole in Bubbleman's area, which can be taken out with a single Buster shot.
  • Fish Missile: Some of the bubbles contain a fish inside. If the bubbles are popped, they release the indestructible fish inside, and it will dash down the row.
  • Sea Crab: BubbleMan will throw a crab into the player's area. It will travel down the row before curving towards the player, and it can fall through holes.
  • Mine: Some of the bubbles summoned are pink and contain a mine. If these bubbles line up with the player, they will flash and explode in a + fashion. Additionally, these bubbles are more resilient than others.
  • Aqua Shot: Once BubbleMan reaches low HP, he sets up a Bubble Wrap, and then proceeds to fire his harpoon at the player.

Battle Chips

Mega Man Battle Network 3

Battle Chip ID Image Name Description Damage Element Rarity Code(s) Memory
Mega Chip 42 MMBN3MChip42 BubbleMan (BubblMn)Fires several AquaShots 20BC Element Aqua Aqua ***B
Mega Chip 43 MMBN3MChip43 BubbleMan V2 (BubblMnV2)Fires several AquaShots 20BC Element Aqua Aqua ****B
Mega Chip 44 MMBN3MChip44 BubbleMan V3 (BubblMnV3)Fires several AquaShots 20BC Element Aqua Aqua *****B
Mega Chip 45 MMBN3MChip45 BubbleMan V4 (BubblMnV4)Fires several AquaShots 20BC Element Aqua Aqua *****B
Giga Chip 10 MMBN3GChip10 BubbleMan V5 (BubblMnV5)Fires several AquaShots 20BC Element Aqua Aqua *****B


  • BubbleMan's cowardice carries over into the gameplay as well. He is constantly hiding behind his Bubbles and the rocks in his battlefield for protection.
  • BubbleMan's cowardice is also shown in BN3 because his beta version is a random encounter in Beach 1 if Megaman's HP is in the red zone.
  • Although BubbleMan's chips in BN3 all seem to do 20 damage, they actually hit the enemy a different number of times.
  • Ironically, BubbleMan, despite being the weakest Darkloid, was the only Darkloid to survive the rest of the series, as even ShadeMan and LaserMan were deleted at one time or another. This could be because he never used (or even held) a Dark Chip throughout the series, ironically saving him from self-destruction.
    • He seemed to have actually been saving his Dark Chips for some reason (as if it was actual money that he was intending to use later), though they were found by others and taken, much to his dismay.

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