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BowlMan (ボウルマン Bouruman) is an autonomous NetNavi from the Mega Man Battle Network series of unknown origin. He possesses the #2 Undernet ranking, and one of the few Navis who knows of Serenade's true identity. He was created from a boss character contest.


While he has a very harsh and tough manner of talking, he's actually good natured and easy going. As his name suggests, he's a bowling themed Navi, who even has a large pin-shaped cannon on his back, which he can latch over his arm.

Game History

Mega Man Battle Network 3

BowlMan appears in the Blue version of the game, while MistMan.EXE is in his place in the White version. He holds Rank 2 in the Undernet and appears in the NetBattle Computer from the TV Studio in Beach Street. After being defeated, he'll give up his rank to MegaMan and tell him where to find "S". BowlMan can be battled again in that exact location.

Anime History

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

BowlMan first appears in episode 6 as a NetNavi in a bowling alley, but a Darkloid presents him with a Dark Chip to help him improve his game. BowlMan then becomes a Darkloid after using it and battles on their behalf. He fights Cross Fusion MegaMan thanks to a Dimensional Area and is defeated, being the first Darkloid to be deleted in the series. He is later revived by Dr. Regal, but he is deleted by MegaMan with Metal Soul.

Rockman.EXE Stream

Multiple copies of BowlMan appear as part of the Darkloid army in episode 32, but they are eventually deleted. Later, an Asteroid version of him appears attacking Electopia, but is deleted as well by Cross Fusion Team members, C.F. MegaMan and C.F. Roll.


BowlMan's emblem

Power and Abilities

BowlMan is rather tricky in battle. He will set up pins, then use his Bowling Bomber to knock them down, with both the pins and the ball causing damage. He can also equip his powerful Gatling Pin cannon, and rapid fire a stream of bowling pins.

Battle Chips

Battle Chip ID Battle Chip Description Attack Element Code MB Rarity
Mega Chip 74 MMBN3MChip74BowlMan Lines up pins for a strike! 100BC Element Null None M80 MB***
Mega Chip 75 MMBN3MChip75 BowlManV2 Lines up pins for a strike! 120BC Element Null None M82 MB****
Mega Chip 76 MMBN3MChip76 BowlManV3 Lines up pins for a strike! 140BC Element Null None M84 MB*****
Mega Chip 77 MMBN3MChip77 BowlManV4 Lines up pins for a strike! 160BC Element Null None B86 MB*****
Giga Chip 18 MMBN3GChip18 BowlManV5 Lines up pins for a strike! 180BC Element Null None B88 MB*****


  • BowlMan was one of two runner up winners in Mega Man Battle Network 3's boss character contest. He was designed by Atsuya Shimizu, and originally called BowlerMan.